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March 10, 2017

Frogs & Herons: their viewpoint in 360° video

This time of the year, little Alpine streams get crowded with frogs emerging from hibernation. Herons, hungry from the long winter, are having a feast.

So for my "Lesson #3 in 360° video", I decided to try to film from a frog & heron perspective: the camera would glide along the stream's surface, hop from stone to stone (like a frog) & then take off to a branch (like a heron).

Here are the things I learned:
- to do this, I had to use a selfie stick
- by using a selfie stick on a 360° camera in a gliding motion, I would be, of course, visible during the entire video (but a viewer could, of course, change their perspective to avoid seeing me)
- by distancing myself from the camera, its microphone would be dominated by the sounds of the gargling stream (the Ricoh Theta S does not permit an external mike)
- this means that if I wanted narration, I would have to edit it in later, with a video editor
- when I did, however, it "broke" the 360°-ness of the video, turning it into this weird thing: https://youtu.be/P8dHKr5SRkQ